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Brawlhalla: Best Weapons Tier List [2021]

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Brawlhalla may be a competitive fighter, but it’s much more complex than your average ‘hand to hand’ combat game. While characters do have their own touches to the gameplay, the game’s main focus in terms of balancing and abilities is on the weapons that you can play with. Sure, you can play unarmed in the game as well – but the real damage is only done through using one of the game’s many different weapons.

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With so many weapons to choose from, only the biggest enthusiasts of the game are able to try them all out individually against all different types of match-ups to determine which one is the best to use. For everyone else – we’re here to help. We have created a thorough weapons tier list for Brawlhalla so that you can have a bit of a head start regarding what weapons to use!

Brawlhalla Weapons Tier List

The latest patch of the game brought some changes to the way the weapons worked in the game. Brawlhalla is arguably pretty balanced right now so there’s not too many tiers to go down on.

S Tier

This is, of course, the highest tier of them all. So, whatever comes up here basically has the best tools, best speed, best offense and overall kind of serves as an all-rounder weapon. Since a lot of weapons received a bunch of nerfs, it’s important to look for what is fast enough and can deal a lot of damage at the moment. 

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These weapons beat all the other weapons thanks to having the advantage of free neutral. And they’re good off-stage too, which is an added plus.

  1. Bow
brawlhalla bow

The Bow is currently one of the most effective weapons to use in the game. It provides you with a decent range, great damage potential, and very good speed that allows you to keep yourself safe at the same time too.

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  1. Gauntlets
brawlhalla gauntlets

While it’s slightly below the Bow, it’s not particularly ineffective. It’s pretty useful one way or another and instead of the Bow, it offers a melee-approach instead, naturally. So, you don’t have the range, but you have higher damage and still retain a decent speed.

  1. Sword
brawlhalla sword

The good old sword obviously can’t go wrong. It gives you good speed, good damage, and pretty decent range. So, if ‘all-rounder’ is what you’re looking for, the Sword is easily the weapon to go for here.

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A Tier

  1. Greatsword
brawlhalla greatsword

A variation to the Sword weapon, it’s a bit inferior and requires more precision for the player to deal good damage with it. It’s pretty good but not used much due to its complexity – but ultimately, it’s just out-shadowed by the normal Sword.

  1. Scythe
brawlhalla scythe

About as good as the Greatsword but works a bit differently, which is something that all players know about anyway. So, if you don’t like Greatsword but want something that functions similarly – this is the weapon to go for. Fast, damaging, but a bit less useful than the S tiers.

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  1. Spear
brawlhalla spear

Spear is in this tier due to its great range and general use. It’s one of the favorites of the community and while it’s not in the S tier at the moment, it’s still a pretty good weapon and only in the second tier after it. The damage potential is decent while it’s arguably safer than the swords.

  1. Katars
brawlhalla katars

Katars are very similar to the Scythe in terms of range and attacks, but obviously play differently. But that’s your simple explanation as to why they’re in the same tier as the Scythe – and all the positive things said about that weapon apply to this one too. So, the only thing left here is the player’s own preference.

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  1. Orb
brawlhalla orb

While it’s surprisingly still in the A tier, it’s arguably worse than Katars at the very least due to one of the latest nerfs in this season. It’s still a good weapon to use in the end – but only if it suits your preference. Otherwise, it’s not something that you might want to learn separately just because it is that good, because it’s kind of not.

  1. Hammer
brawlhalla hammer

It’s pretty similar to the Greatsword but its slowed down speed makes it worse in comparison. It was pretty high up on the tier list before the latest update and only S tier weapons could stand against it, but Brawlhalla’s developers have reasonably toned it down. The recovery frames for it are reduced so it’s a bit less effective now.

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And if you’re someone who’s reading this to basically know how to fight better against it – basically, pick a Sword and jump over the Hammer user. You’re faster, so you’ll most likely be able to attack the person before they hit you due to your enhanced speed since the new update nerfed the Hammer.

B Tier

  1.  Lance
brawlhalla lance

It’s a good weapon to build up some damage but it got a lot of different nerfs. It did get a trade buff though, which is kind of useful at the end of the day if that’s the type of playstyle that you have. Great range, though, as always.

  1.  Blasters (Guns)
brawlhalla blasters

This game is all about fighting, so guns are naturally more of a stylish thing to use than something that can truly get you far in the game. It gives you range and you can troll some newer players, but anyone with S and A tier weapons that they know how to use will be able to destroy you.

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Not to mention that they’re rather difficult to use too and are usually only used for fun by some professional players.

  1.  Axe

Axe is not very useful because the S tier is specifically better than anything that it has to offer. With Lance, you can at least have some extra range and the trade buff is there too. But Axe is just something you don’t really have a reason to use anymore.

  1.  Cannon
brawlhalla cannon

Cannons had a very massive drop, since it was nearly S tier and now it’s at the very end of the B tier. It lost most of its advantages and can be trumped by other weapons with ease – as long as the person knows how to play them. On casual low-level plays, you can of course win with almost anything.

And ironically that also applies to high-level players as they can do non-professional plays with them and still earn a few wins.


That’s it for Brawlhalla’s best weapons tier list for this season! Do keep in mind that the tier list changes with every new update and patches constantly nerf and buff certain weapons. So, this is something that is ever changing and tier lists are also based on the personal experiences of players, so you might disagree with certain things here too. 

But we tried our best to take in player votes and statistics – and this was the result. We hope you found the guide helpful, and don’t forget to check out some of the other helpful articles on our website too!

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