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Teamfight Tactics: TFT Meta Best Comps [2021]

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Teamfight Tactics is an incredible spin-off for the long-running League of Legends MOBA and is known for offering unique gameplay that no other game is offering on this scale. As it found quick success, the game receives many new balance patches and updates that continue to improve it in every way possible. 

One of the most important things to know when it comes to playing this game are the TFT stats, which allow players to know what the best compositions are for battle. The best TFT comps change with every major update, and the all-new Patch 11.1 has brought its own fair share of changes as well. 

So, what are the best TFT comps to go for in the 2021 patch? You’re about to find out in our thorough list that covers all of the TFT stats and forms an accurate tier list for players to follow. Let’s get started!

The Best TFT Comps in Patch 11.1

The best TFT comps tiers are easy to find, but they don’t explain what are the top 5 teams that you should go for and what makes them great. So, what we’re going to do here is to break down the best compositions that you can make within the current TFT stats and have as many victories as possible.

S Tier: Divine Warwick

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The best TFT comps right now start with Divine Warwick, which has made its way straight to the S Tier. There is a little bit of flexibility when it comes to selecting the units that you wish to select – for example, while the preferable number here is 6 Divine, you can still go for 4 Divine. And you can have more than 2 hunters but also less, the list goes on. 

Warwick is the main point of this composition, so while you can play around with the person you accompany him with – Warwick being in the center is important. The rest, you can base better on your preferences and what champions you actually have available to you. It is recommended that you use at least 4 Divine characters in this comp.

The top characters to pick: Warwick, Shen, Lee Sin, Jax, Yone, Irella, Lux, Ashe, Azrael and Kindred.

A Tier: Dusk, Ahri with Vanguard and Mystic


1. Dusk

Let’s start with the Dusk comps, and the rules are naturally the same as before. Having all of these is not necessary, but having a minimum of four is.

The top characters to pick: Aatrox, Riven, Cassiopeia, Lillia, Jhin, Vayne, Thresh, and Zileari

Unlike the S tier, no character should be mandatorily used as a must-have. However, Jhin is the closest thing because he has been extremely useful ever since the 11.1 patch has been added to the game. 

The Deathblade item is most effective on him because a lot of people have been using this composition and it is working out perfectly. Another good choice would be the Guardian Angel for extra defense points and whatnot. But generally, everything works and has been balanced quite well.

Another short tip would be to pair Jhin and Riven together as the two have been very compatible for support purposes this time around. However, there are no recommended items for her and it would be preferable if you use your own preferences there.

2. Ahri – Vanguard and Mystic

Ahri is working very well with almost every type of composition that you can make lately, but of course, there is one that stands above all the rest. It’s just a bit difficult to find the right mix because she is flexible with any of the 7 types of classes.

While most tanks are good to include in comps related to Ahri, Aatrox is a great candidate to keep around more permanently due to the recent buffs that he has received. And having someone like Yuuna really helps as a support option thanks to her spiritual abilities. Not only would this complement Ahri, but also the entire team too.

And lastly, Thresh and Cassiopeia are very useful to have since they’re the most common Dusk characters that you come across. The rest is up to you, and even the previously stated options can be switched around with – but we’ve also shared the best TFT comps regarding Ahri with you.

The top characters to pick: Ahri, Aatrox, Cassiopeia, Thresh, Zilean, Janna, Yuuni, and Sejuani

B Tier – A long list of compositions

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The B Tier is the most divisive tier when it comes to Teamfight Tactics because it includes characters that are not the very best but also those that are not the bottom of the barrel at the same time. 

What you’re left with at the end are competent TFT comps that are just sufficient enough to win with, but require a lot of grinding to get to that point. Ultimately, it’s high risk and high reward – but it’s extremely important to know your ropes around this side of the tier list because you don’t always get the S or A tier characters to play as.

1. Hunters

First of all, we’re going to go with the best Hunters composition. You can go with 3 to 4 Hunters here if you prefer, but we recommend a total of 5 Hunters in comps similar to this. The key to dropping the Hunters is to replace them with legendaries instead.

The top characters to pick: Irellia, Yone, Shen, Yuumi, Warwick, Ashe, Kindred, Aphelios

The three preferred characters to have almost mandatorily in your comps are Warwick, Ashe, and Kindred. And it’s recommended to provide items to at least two of them in order to have a strong team, otherwise, it may feel a bit inconsistent. 

2. Ashe – Brawler and Elderwood Composition

This composition is more of a mix-up than an individual type of load-out to go with. It is recommended to have around 3 Elderwood characters at a minimum and then mixing it up with 3 Adept is usually very helpful. 

Shen and Irellia are recommended together as they support each other very well since one is a bit of a tank and Irellia can slow down enemies and the rate at which their mana is regenerated. Having Ashe as a carry is also something that you should try to keep in your team to have the best TFT comps in this category since the character works very well with the others listed here.

The top characters to pick: Shen, Sett, Irellia, Yone, Ezreal, Ashe, Zilean, Kindred, Lux

3. Enlightened Talon

Talon has had a bit of a rough time recently but the people who have him and those who are generally fans of this character will be happy to know that he is now back to being a good candidate for the best TFT comps. Putting the Deathblade and Infinity Edge items on him are very helpful, but if he starts to die a lot you can also put Guardian Angel on him for more defense.

The recommended number of Enlightened in this team is 4, but you can be a bit flexible as usual. Adept on the other hand is sitting on a recommended number of 3 here, so make sure to have a mix-up that is somewhat close to this composition. Pyke is recommended to go with Talon due to how powerful he is.

The top characters to pick: Shen, Yone, Irellia, Pyke, Lux, Talon, Morgana, Janna

4. Warlords

Warlords comps are always some of the most flexible TFT comps to go with and that hasn’t changed this time around either. The recommended number of Warlords to put in your team is 4, but if you have particularly powerful characters to replace them with, you can bring it down to a 3. If Katarina and Azir are in your composition, you can set them up as a carry and then item them up, especially since Katarina is a very good item-holder.

Besides the Warlords, you can put in a few Emperor and Keeper characters to keep things flowing. No particular recommendations on that part, just use your preferences and what you have available.

The top characters to pick: Xin Zhao, Jharvan IV, Garen, Katarina, Azir

5. Reroll Mage

Reroll Rage is a pretty simple composition to go with and it’s not as effective as the others, but it’s still important to talk about it for those who still want to use these characters. Veigar has been nerfed in the recent patch so that character is not as useful as it used to be, but it’s still a good character for this composition to keep around. 

Having Navi as the carry is pretty useful and then you can go Veigar in either Elderwood or Mage – both do an equally decent job in the long run. A 3-star Annie is almost mandatory for this if you want to be a bit farther up on the win-loss ratio, but you can still play fine otherwise too.

The top characters to pick: Annie, Lulu, Lillia, Morgana, Nami, Veigar, Ezreal

6. Duelists

Duelists are quite similar to Warlords in the sense that it’s basically about securing good chances of victory early on. If you have a rough start, then it’s usually very difficult to pick back up from that point. So, if you use this composition, then try to make sure that your starting point leaves you in a good position.

A 3-star Yasuo is recommended for this, although any other 3-star character similar to him would work too. As for what classes to place this composition in – it’s actually very flexible. You can mix up a few legendaries or some characters of higher tier lists, and you will be good to go. As mentioned above, the key is to have a good start. After that, you’ll be just fine!

The top characters to pick: Jax, Fiora, Yone, Yasuo, Lee Sin, Lux, Irelia, Ezrael

7. Zed – Ninja and Shade

One of the best TFT comps that you can have by this point is to mix up a bit of Ninja and Shade, with around 3 Shade and 4 Ninja to start with. You can mix things up a bit based on your preferences and availability, of course, but it’s recommended to not go too much lower than the numbers we’ve stated.

Zeke is the character that you need to add to this composition as he has one of the best attack speeds in overall TFT stats. A 2-star Zed is preferable, and then pairing him up with an itemized Zeke is going to be the approach that you’re looking for here.

The top characters to pick: Elise, Shen, Zed, Akali, Evelynn, Kennen, Pyke

8. Moonlight Diana

This composition is still in the B tier, and thus why it should be mentioned. But it is what we would refer to as the ‘bottom of the barrel’, which makes it something that you should avoid unless you don’t really have too many characters for the other comps. 

It’s just something that has been particularly nerfed over time and only new players who ended up with this certain set of characters should go with it. There’s not too much to do here and it’s mostly flexible – but try going for Diana as the main star of this composition.

The top characters to pick: Katarina, Akali, Talon, Lissandra, Morgana, Diana, Pyke

C Tier – Last one

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This is something that almost no one plays at all at this point, but as we say, it’s still important to know what you can do in this situation because you never know what your first characters end up being. And unless you play competitively, you can do well in the early-level matchmaking anyway even with a weak load-out.

1. Moonlight Aphelios

A mix of around 3 to 4 Hunters and 3 to 4 Moonlights are good for this, with Aphelios being the main focus. Very flexible composition.

The top characters to pick: Sylas, Yone, Irellia, Shen, Warwick, Ashe, Kindred, Aphelios

2. Cultists

No primary focus here, just fit in as many Cultists as possible with a little focus on the rest. But do switch them up with legendaries in case you have any.

The top characters to pick: Elise, Aatrox, Pyke, Evelynn, Zilean, TwistedFate, Jhin, Kalista

3. Sharpshooters

Very flexible composition, it’s recommended to either go for 4 Sharpshooters or 4 Vanguard, 2 Sharpshooters, and the rest based on your preferences. There’s no specific star here, just go with the best characters that you have.

The top characters to pick: Aatrox, Sejuani, Shen, Yuumi, Thresh, Jhin, Jinx, Teemo, Vayne


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That wraps up the entire list of the best TFT comps to play in 2021 ever since the 1.11 Patch hit the updates. Keep in mind that this list is created based on the current TFT stats in the game, and even non-major updates often change things around a bit in the game so it’s natural for things to have changed a bit if you’re looking at this a bit later on.

But until the next major update hits, only minor differences would be in place in the next few months and this list will essentially last the entire season. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know! And don’t forget to check out the other helpful guides on our website too while you’re around.

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