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TFT Patch Notes 9.16: Massive Change Into TFT Meta

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 As we all already know, the Patch notes of teamfight tactics provide significant change that can alter the meta while changing the pace of the game also. and TFT Patch 9.6 is without a doubt the biggest change that the world of TFT has ever faced. 

Riot finally released their TFT Patch 9.6. And as a result, massive changes are coming to the game. The biggest change that the 9.6 Patch introduces the new origin called hex tech. 

And there are also new champions introduced to the game. and they are Camille, Jayce, Jinx, and Vi. And with this new Patch, we can also get to see the six-brawler buff. 

On top of all of that, the TFT Patch 9.6 also brings a lot of updates to the table. So, without any further to let us dive right in and check out what Patch 9.6 has to offer. 

TFT Patch 9.6 – New Origin Hextech 

Riot has finally released the new Hextech origin with a bang. They stated that, 

“The Hextech champions are all strong and serve their own purpose, but together they give some counterplay to items. But the bomb itself can be played around. We hope this adds a new and interesting dynamic to play around with.” 

  • “Trait: Throw a bomb at an enemy unit with an item, and disables all items in a 1/2 hex radius for 8 seconds.” 

Before this new origin release, it has been tested vigorously on the PBE server for a long time. And just like any other Patch, the update on the TFT Patch 9.6 went through a massive change from the 1st update.  

In the previous patches, players into stack all the carry items on a single carry and protect them with a tank frontline. As a result, you get a massive amount of burst and could easily melt the enemy team. in a few seconds. A key thing to note is that having more items on your main carry is much stronger than spreading those items around several champions. 

Even though this creates a new sort of dynamic in the gameplay, it can be really punishing and tough to play against. And the toughest part was, there was little to no counterplay. 

So many players complained about this as the overall fun of the game was being taken away. The game was much more about having items than the actual champions. And this is exactly where Hextech comes into play. 

So, the Hextech origin is created to disable the Champions item for quite a long time. As a result, there will be a massive shift in the meta. the biggest counterplay to this origin will be to spread all your items around your units instead of stacking them on the carry.  

Another noteworthy thing that we should keep in mind is that with an increasing number of champions the chance of you getting the one you need will also decrease. So, we are expected to see new expansion and diverse champion rotation under the upcoming Patch to the TFT Patch 9.6.  

or else the chance of someone getting a level 2 unit may decrease massively. Or was it the main plan of riot anyway? We just have two plays along and find out. 

TFT Patch 9.16 – New Champions 

tft patch notes 9.16 2 1

With this new Patch, riot has finally released 4 new champions to spice up the game. so, let’s just check out what they have to offer. 

TFT Patch 9.16 – Camille 

  • “Ability: Camille’s ability, The Hextech Ultimatum, roots an enemy and forces her in-range teammates to target whomever she’s fighting. 
  • Class: Blademaster 
  • Cost: 1 Gold 
  • Ability Damage: 200/325/450” 

The first champion to look at is Camille. The edition of Camille offers you the perfect chance to play with 9 blade masters in the game. In the previous patches if you do not have a spatula getting the nine blademaster bonus was impossible. But the new edition of this champion, you can now get your hands on 9 blademaster without the help of any spatula. 

Another great thing about this champion is that it can target and focus the enemy carry without any hassle. That means if they have for instance if they have a Caitlyn Carry and Camille hits Caitlyn with her ability all of the teammates that are around Camille will also focus their attacks and abilities on Caitlyn. 

But the ability can also come as a twin-aged sword. it means if you position Camille incorrectly and she users are able on a tank with thorn mail, that match will be doomed. 

TFT Patch 9.16 – Jayce 

  • “Ability: Disrupts the enemy frontline by knocking back an enemy unit with his Thundering Blow. He then switches to his Mercury Cannon bringing increased attack speed and ranged damage. 
  • Class: Shapeshifter 
  • Cost: 2 Gold 
  • Ability Damage: 200/350/500” 

Jayce is a very good addition to the latest TFTT Patch 9.6. with his ability, he has the power to disrupt the enemy frontline and also knockback any enemy unit to the back. From what we can see, these new champions will test the wits of the players on the positioning of their comp. 

As Jayce is introduced as a shapeshifter, we are also interested to see whether people opt for six shapeshifter bonuses utilizing this champion. 

TFT Patch 9.16 – VI 

  • “Ability: Targets the farthest enemy and charges towards them, knocking aside and damaging every enemy along the way. Once she gets there, she knocks her target up and damages them. 
  • Class: Brawler 
  • Cost: 3 Gold 
  • Ability Damage: 250/450/650” 

If you’re someone who utilized the bonus of brawler synergy to beef up your Chogath, then you are in for a treat. With the new edition of VI, now you can stack up brawlers and get the 6-brawler bonus to make your Chogath can get than ever. 

As VI charges towards stuff farthest enemy and provides a knockback with her ability, she will be a great champ to play against comps that have a large channel time. 

If we brainstorm, VI seems like the perfect counter to Karthus. Another not what they part of her ability is that she deals damage to all the enemies in her way. That means if you can put Morello on here, she can procrastinate on almost all the enemy champions. 

TFT Patch 9.16 – JINX 

tft patch notes 9.16 3
  • “Ability: Gets Excited after her first takedown, gaining bonus attack speed. If she scores a second takedown she pulls out Fishbones, her rocket launcher, causing her attacks to deal AoE damage. 
  • Class: Gunslinger 
  • Cost: 4 Gold 
  • Rocket Damage: 100/225/350 magic damage in an explosion that covers 3 hexes total.” 

Last but not least it is time to check our absolute favorite champion on TFT at the moment, which is jinx. she is one of the greatest attack damage threats just like Draven. And as TFT does not have much of them in the game at the moment, she is bound to get played in plenty of games. At this moment the only solution for attack damage DPS is draven. 

And with the addition of jinx, players will get in a new taste of diversity on the map. as jinx is considered to be a gunslinger, the number of late-game gunslinger comp is also bound to get increased under upcoming patches. 

Another point we should also look at is that, as a new addition to the champion pool, the chance of getting a level 3 champ decreases. That means you will have to spend more money on re-roll. As a result, the economy will also shift. And that is one of the main reasons why TFT patch 9.16 brings a massive change to the meta. All is left is to play the patch and find out how this will affect the economy and what strategies there are to follow.

 TFT Patch 9.16 – Nerfs and Buffs 

The thing that makes team fight tactics one of the most fun and enjoyable games to play is its adjustment throughout the patches. And the RFT past 9.6 is no different. 

With this Patch, there are massive changes in the traits. As a result, we get our hands on its much more balanced gameplay. So without any further ado, let us check the changes out. 

Nerf to Brawlers 

According to Riot games, 

“Brawlers are quite strong and are getting a bit too much free health so we’re toning that down a bit. 

  • Bonus Health: 300/700/1200 300/600/1000” 

If you have played against the brawlers, you must already know how excruciating it feels to melt through their massive health bar. But The thing is, you will only get to see the nerve in a team comp that is stacking brawlers. 

Due to this bonus, most of the players opted for brawler or void. and this nerf is sure to too tone down the bonus and bring out some diversity in the game. We still do not know how much this change will affect the overall gameplay, but it is definitely a good start.            

Nerf to Sorcerer  

According to Riot games, 

“Three-piece Sorcerer is just a little too strong due to its versatility. 

  • Bonus Ability Power: 45%/100% 40%/100%” 

Even though it makes perfect sense, we are unsure of the influence it will have on the gameplay. The bonus ability power on the early stage does not matter much when it comes to the sorcerer. The main nerf that sorcerer needs is their strength with six sorcerers. And we’re still waiting to see the change on that aspect of the upcoming patches.

Now it is time to check out what you have all been waiting for in this TFT Patch 9.6. And is nothing other than the buff. 

Buff Change to the Demon Trait 

tft patch notes 9.16 4

According to Riot, 

We’ve redesigned the Demon trait bonus to not be quite the shutdown of ability-dependent units like it was before. Instead, Demons drain mana allowing them to cast their spells faster. 

  • Demon basic attacks have a 40% chance to burn 20 mana from their target and return 15/30/45 mana to the attacker. 

Even though at first glance this seemed like a pretty big nerf to the demon traits. us they will not be able to instantaneously burn 100 mana and deal a massive 100 damage regardless of the resistance stacked on them. 

But now that we dive more into the topic, the mana recovered can make a huge impact on the overall gameplay. this recovery of mana will allow champions like Morgana to do way more often than she is previously good. And add she’s already a sorcerer, this will be a significant buff to her kit. 

scarra has recently played the 6 deamoncomp on his stream and smashed the enemy champion without any issue. So, is without a doubt an important part of this TFT Patch 9.62 to keep an eye at. 

Buff to Ninja

According to Riot games, 

“Ninja should be strong single units that have a place on almost any team. Right now they’re not getting there, so we’re buffing their trait and some of the individual champions.

  • Bonus Attack Damage and Ability Power: 40/60 50/70”

The main idea behind this TFT Patch 9.16 was to make the overall gameplay much more balanced and versatile. keeping that in mind riot has finally decided to provide bonus attack damage and ability power to the ninjas. As a result, they are more likely to get placed on various team comps which they should. 

Not only is the trade getting buffed but also some of the Champions are getting buffed too. So, we’re looking forward to seeing what this buff provides to the traits and how much gameplay does the trait sees after the TFT Patch 9.6. 

Buff to Nobles

According to Riot games,

“Nobles are still underperforming a bit as an end-game fantasy. We’ll likely need to make bigger changes to address this, but for now, we’re giving them a small bump.

  • Bonus Armor and Magic Resist: 60 70”

Even though they are only giving a really small buff to the Noble traits in that you have to Patch 9.16, we are likely to see more in the future. The main problem of the Noble trait is that their bonus with three Noble is only strong at the very early stage of the game. As a result, they get smashed in the late game to any other comps. 

And if you try to get your hands on 6 Noble comps, you will fall behind the enemy team. it is because Noble synergizes really poorly with any other. So it is time to stay tuned and see what other buffs they are given in the upcoming patches. 

TFT Patch 9.16 Tier 1 Champions 

tft patch notes 9.16 5

Change to Elise 

“Health: 450 500 and Spiderling Attack Speed: 0.6 0.7” 

Change to Khazix 

“Non-Isolated Damage: 150/300/450 150/250/350” 

Change to Mordekaiser 

“No longer casts his ability if there are no enemies in the range at the start of the last time.” 

Change to Nidalee 

“Now always heals two units when she transforms. Previously she would only heal herself if she had the lowest health on your team.” 

Change to Vayne 

“Attack Speed: 0.75 0.7 and Ability Damage (% of Max Health): 8%/10%/12% 8%/12%/16%” 

At least got a really small buff in the TFT Patch 9 points. However, she is still an early game champ and is not viable for a late-game comp. 

In the case of khazix, he used to build a massive amount of damage while getting an isolated carry. make the game much more viable and interesting die asserted damage is now decreased. 

Mordekaiser had this bug where he used to use his ability even when they are an unknown enemy team around. Now that it has changed Bama his ability will not be wasted anymore on free space. 

The buff to nidalee is substantial. unlike before she can now Hills 2 units instead of 1 when she transforms. That means she is no more viable in the early game comps. 

Last but not least, it is time to take a look at vayne. She used to dish out a ton of damage with her attack speed which got nerfed in TFT Patch 9.16. but to balance things out her ability damage or the percent Max health damage got increased in the latter part of the game. 

TFT Patch 9.16 Tier 2 Champions 

Change to Braum

“Health: 750 ⇒ 650”

Change to Lissandra

“Total Mana (the mana required to cast her ability): 150 ⇒ 125”

Change to Lulu

“Ability Health: 300/475/650 ⇒ 300/400/500”

Change to Zed

“Health: 500 ⇒ 550, Attack Speed: 0.65 ⇒ 0.7 and finally,

Ability Damage: 200/300/400 ⇒ 200/350/500”

TFT Patch 9.16 Tier 3 Champions 

Change to Aatrox

“No longer casts his ability if there are no enemies in the range at the start of the cast time.”

Change to Evelynn

“Now prioritizes her current target with her ability. No longer casts her ability if there are no enemies in the range at the start of the cast time.”

Change to Katarina

“No longer casts her ability if there are no enemies in range at the start of the cast time. Attack Damage: 50 ⇒ 65”

Change to Kennen

No longer casts his ability if there are no enemies in range at the start of the cast time.”

Change to Shyvana

“Leap AI improved to better kite away from her target.”

TFT Patch 9.16 Tier 4 Champions  

Change to Akali

“Attack Damage: 70 to 80”

Change to Brand

Ability Damage: 200/375/550 ⇒ 250/450/650 and  Starting and Total Mana: 0/125 ⇒ 50/150”

Change to Cho’gath

“Ability Damage: 250/500/750 to 175/350/525”

TFT Patch 9.16 Tier 5 Champions  

Change to Karthus

“Starting and Total Mana: 0/85 to 40/125”

Change to Kayle

“Attack Speed: 1.1 to 1.0”

Change to Miss Fortune

“Health: 650 to 700 and Total Mana: 100 to 75”

And that ends least of all the changes made to the Champions in the TFT Patch 9.16. 

TFT 9.16 Bug fixes

tft patch notes 9.16 6
  1. Spiderlings and Golem can now properly be the target of Frozen Heart, Kindred, Swain, Karthus, Shen, and Veigar.
  2. Graves now properly gain range with Rapidfire Cannon.
  3. Frozen Heart no longer applies too many slows when stacked.
  4. Fixed some item slots not showing up or being in weird spots.
  5. Fixed Win/Lose streak gold being granted after PvE Rounds instead of after the PvP Round that happened before (streak gold should be granted at the end of all PvP rounds and no PvE rounds).
  6. Fixed Little Legends having a collision after dying (and subsequently body blocking players in the shared roulette).
  7. Fixed Blitzcrank attempting (and failing) at targeting untargetable enemies, and therefore not casting.


So that ends our today’s discussion on all the TFT 9.16 updates. Share your thoughts on the comment section below and let us know what kind of impact will this Patch make on your gameplay. He stayed tuned to get more updates on team fight tactics for a better gameplay experience.

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