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TFT Bloodthirster – All you need to know

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As we all know it, Teamfight Tactics is an auto battler title that takes inspiration from League of Legends, featuring similar characters, items, and abilities. However, to make things feel more balanced and more in tune with the different gameplay style, the developers have made some changes, especially to the items in Teamfight Tactics. Here, we will be talking about the TFT items in detail while also answering some of the community’s most asked questions. So, without further ado, let’s get one with the very first item, the TFT Bloodthirster. gif maker 1

But first, let’s talk a little bit more about the TFT Bloodthirster and understand why this legendary weapon is so important when it comes to winning in Teamfight Tactics. 

TFT Bloodthirster 

Similar to its League of Legends counterpart, the TFT Bloodthirster is an offensive item that allows the carrier to deal more damage and heal for a percentage of the damage death. However, the LoL version is a bit intense as not only does it deal more damage, a +20% critical chance, and a unique passive that lets the wielder overheal, the TFT is a bit nerfed. The TFT Bloodthirster gives +15 damage, =25 magic resistance and +50% life steal passive. gif maker 1 2

How To Make Bloodthirster In TFT

To compensate for the nerf, the requirements for making the Bloodthirster in both games are pretty different. In LoL, the Bloodthirster needs a B. F. Sword, a Cloak of Agility, and finally, a Vampiric Scepter. This makes the Bloodthirster a pretty expensive item in the game. The TFT Bloodthirster, due to its reduced stats, is relatively easy to make. All you need is a B. F. Sword and a Negatron Cloak. That’s it. 

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Who Is Bloodthirster Good On TFT

Now that we have an understanding of how the TFT Bloodthirster is made let’s move on and talk about which champions are good with the TFT Bloodthirster. In a nutshell, due to the life steal aspect, the Bloodthirster is especially good with champions with high attack speed. This means the sword works exceptionally well with Rangers, including Varus, Ashe, Vayne, Kindred, Ezreal, and Twitch. There are other high DPS Champions like Draven, Lucian, Shyvana, Rengar, Olaf, and Aatrox that can really do damage with a Bloodthirster equipped as not only does it give them added damage, but it increases their chances of survival due to the passive life steal heal.  

Furthermore, the TFT Bloodthirster works well with other TFT items like the Sword of the Divine. The combination of the two on the right hero can be devasting for the other team. Plus, most people don’t know this and hence, are often wondering, “does the Bloodthirster stack in TFT? Well, the answer to that is yes, yes it does. And the end result is absolutely insane. Just look at this video of someone playing with Olaf with 3 TFT Bloodthirsters. 

Some of you might be wonder, with the TFT Hextech also in the game, which is better? Well, in the battle between TFT Bloodthirster vs. Hextech, there isn’t exactly a clear winner. Both items are good when in the right hands. If your character is all about auto-attacking, then Bloodthirster is the perfect TFT item for that hero. However, for heroes like Shyvana, Attrox, and Akali, that use special abilities to deal damage, the Hextech can be an excellent item. gif maker 2

TFT Cheat Sheet For Patch 11.7

With you now having a complete understanding of the TFT Bloodthirster, let’s now move towards the current TFT meta and see which items are currently worth going after in the game. Hopefully, with the combination of the knowledge you’ll find above and this TFT cheat sheet, you’ll be annihilating your enemies in no time. 

So, without any further ado, here is the TFT cheat sheet for the game’s most recent patch, Patch 11.7.


Final Words

From the TFT cheat sheet, you can see that the TFT Bloodthirster is a Rank B weapon. So, is it good to use in TFT? Well, the answer to that is yes and no both. We understand that right now, there are better weapons in the game, which can be even more deadlier but using Bloodthirster on the right hero can be just as devasting. The reason it’s in rank B is that it’s a situational item while others are good in almost every game. So, if you are going for that auto-attacking build, we would highly recommend you at least go for one TFT Bloodthirster on your main DPS Champion, if not more. 

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