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TFT Champion Pool: All you need to know [2021]

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In TFT nothing is random. The chances of you drawing any specific champion depends on various factors like the initial gold cost, the number of the units you have in play and last but not least, your level. 

But even though nothing is random in teamfight tactics, there are coin flip moments and various RNG elements that can make or break your game. so instead of cursing your luck for the success of your game, you must build a strategy around that data riot provides. 

And by utilizing the data you’ll be able to calculate your chance of getting your hands on any specific champion for your synergy or class. 

There are also some key factors that you should also keep in mind before you strategize for a specific build. 

For instance, if you already got your hands on quite a few numbers of Two or three-star units of any specific champion, the chances of you getting the same chance champion again are slim to none. This is done so that people cannot easily develop their champion and stomp the game with zero hassle whatsoever. 

Another thing to keep in mind while strategizing for a champion pool is your level. Your level is a crucial part that allows you to find a specific tier of the unit in the pool. The tier of the unit means the amount of gold it is required to buy that unit. 

So, if you are close to levelling up a low-cost unit to 3 stars, then you should try not to level up. Otherwise, your chances of getting that unit at a higher level will significantly decrease. 

So, before we dive any further into the topic, let’s talk about what is TFT champion pool and how it works. 

How does the TFT Champion Pool work?

For each set of teamfight tactics, there is a specific number of champions in the pool and a specific probability of getting which one of them depending on your level. 

Below you can see a table that shows the size of the champion pool inset 4 TFT and the chance you have of getting a specific tier of the unit.

Uqe9xSmrqU4Rxks70bCIKYIkJgPWQnnytpu7G1SKtdmflS3TxJnNBRA OkAY ITr4HggRtuXuFlpjLDWM4kVSfcEaYnz607bJvk0pXEk4bF7 QN kIUdyJIqigzzgFWX6f MZyE

This table is updated for the latest set 4.5 patch.

So let us check out how it works and what it offers in terms of your gameplay strategy.

For instance, let’s talk about Diana, a Tier 1 champion.  The first thing you need to understand is that there are 29 copies of Diana in this pool. And it is the same for any other tier 1 champion.  

That means there will be 29 copies of any one cost champion in the season right now. But the higher you level up the lower your chance will be of getting a tier 1 champion.  

for example, if you’re level 1 or level 2, the chance of getting a Diana in the pool will be 100%. For Level 3 it will go down to 75%. 

For Level 4 it will be 55%. 

For level 5 it will be 45%. 

For level 6 it will be 35%. 

For level 7 it will be 22%. 

For level 8 it will be 15%. 

And Lastly for level 9, it will be only 10%. 

All the recent Updates on the Latest Patch

For patch 10.25

“10.24 had lots of chances to roll odds that made the dreaded 4-1 roll down less of a nat 20 or bust moment. We’re honestly shocked with how well those changes went, so we have a minor tweak today to see slightly more four cost champs.”

“Level 7: 24/35/30/10/1 22/35/30/12/1”

For Patch 10.24

“Unit odds updated.”

For Patch 10.21

“Removed the Fates change to the shop that prohibited unbought champions from repeating in consecutive shops.”

For Patch 10.20

“Champion probability by Tier at level 8: 14/20/35/25/6% 14/25/35/20/6%

Aided by the Chosen mechanic, we’re seeing 3-star Tier 4 champions too frequently for their power level. We’re dialling down their frequency of showing up at level 8 to make sure that their rarity is more appropriate.”

For Patch 10.19

”Consecutive shops will not repeat unbought champions.

Bag odds for Level 5: 40/35/20/5/0 45/30/20/5/0

Bag odds for Level 6: 25/35/30/10/0 30/35/25/10/0

Bag odds for Level 7: 19/30/35/15/1 19/35/30/15/1”

What is Champion pool size?

As we already mentioned, the champion pool size is the number of total copies of any specific tier champions. This number of units is shared among all the players involved in the game. 

For set 4.5, The champion pools are, 


The number allocated with each tier represents the total number of units available to buy in the pool. But if any player is defeated, older units he bought from the pool will go back to the champion pool. And they will be available for other players to buy again. 

The same goes for the Champions that each player sells after buying. They go back to the champion pool again. And if you’re wondering where the Champions from carousel round comes from, they also come from the same champion pool. 

As we all know that to take any champion to Three-star, you will need nine of that unit. For instance, there are only ten copies of each tier 5 champion. so, if you see more than one of your targeted tier 5 champions under the enemy team, you should know that you will never be able to take that you need to have a three-star level. 

Latest patch notes on Champion’s odds

Patch 11.5

“Level 7 Roll Odds: : 0/40/55/5/0% 0/40/58/2/0%”

Patch 11.4

“Chosen Base Odds: 33%50%

Rolling Odds for Level 4: 60/40/0/0/0%80/20/0/0/0%

Chosen Bonus Spell Power: 3015

Chosen Bonus Attack Damage: 2010

Chosen Bonus Mana Reduction: 25%15%

Chosen Bonus Health: 400300 (The bonus 200 health baseline that Chosens receive just for being Chosen is not affected here)”

Patch 11.2

“Chosen Shop Odds

Consistency Buff.

Level 6: 15/45/40/0/0 0/60/40/0/0

Level 8: 0/15/45/40/0 0/0/60/40/0

Level 9: 0/0/15/45/40 0/0/0/60/40

Reduced the chances of rolling a Chosen slightly, as in you probably wouldn’t have noticed if you didn’t read what you’re reading right now. This outta make it just a tad more difficult to force comps.”

Patch 10.24

“Increased the base odds of rolling a chosen slightly.

Chosen Bonus Attack Damage: 30 20

This affects Yasuo, Aphelios, Zed, Xin Zhao, Ashe, Jhin, Talon, and Warwick.

Cultist: A Chosen Cultist now only provides +1 star level to Galio instead of double the Chosen’s star level.”

Patch 10.22

 “There are a couple of traits that have an unintentional anti-synergy with the chosen mechanic as they lose value with fewer units on the board. We’re changing the rules of those chosen to count as two units for the sake of their traits. 

Cultist Chosen now counts as 2 Cultists and will grant Galio double the number of star levels (e.g., a two-star Elise will grant Galio four-star levels instead of two).”

Patch 10.21

“Modified the Chosen appearance rate to reduce some of the worst luck cases and streakiness.

You are now guaranteed to see at least one Chosen by 2-2.”

How to utilize draw chances, TFT champion pool into your advantage

By knowing all the details of the TFT champion pool, you will now have a better understanding of how many units are available for you to purchase. And by looking at the enemy team comp, you will now be able to know if you should commit to a unit or not. 

So did the decision of opting for the comp that you want versus opting for something else becomes easy. And that is just really the tip of the iceberg. 

This is why it is extremely important to scout your opponent and know what they’re building and what they’re going for. You always want to go for something that no one else is hard competing for. 

The biggest advice when it comes to the TFT champion pool is, going for an unusual composition that that is free is a far better decision than going for an overpowered comp that everyone is fighting for. 

Final thoughts

tft champion pool final thoughts gif

That ends our today’s discussion on the TFT champion pool and all that comes with it. To come out victorious at every game, you have to strategize according to the champion pool and look at what the enemies are also building.

And once you know how many of the units you are looking for is left on the pool and what your chances of drawing one is, the sky’s the limit.

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