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Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Leaderboard – All you need to know

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Similar to League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics has a ranked mode and it’s divided into 9 different tiers. Each tier has 4 divisions and players have to go through those divisions to reach each new tier to the top. The 9 tiers are called Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Masters, Grandmasters, and Challenger. 

The TFT leaderboard shows the top players in the game both at a local and global scale. If you want to know who are the best players in your region, it will be very easy to find. Today, we’re going to talk about the best global players and how they’re currently ranking on the TFT leaderboard. We’ll also discuss the best players in North America and take a look at the TFT leaderboard as well.

Players are promoted through the divisions of each tier by earning LP. At the start of every tier, the player will be in Division IV and they’ll need 100 LP to move from one division to the next. Once you get to Division I, you’ll be moved up to the next tier and so on. But if you don’t win the LP, you’ll be demoted. In other words, you’ll fall from Division I to Division II and so on until you fight your way back up by earning enough LP. 

To earn LP, players have to finish the game in the top 4. So, when you’re playing Teamfight Tactics it’s not just about winning, it’s about finishing as high as possible so you can earn as many LPs as possible. Winning is important, but survival is even more important than that. 

Who Are the Best TFT Players in the World?

As of today, the global top 10 players in the TFT leaderboard are as follows:

1JP鳥取で一番強い男C11671 LP21.1%57213
2BReusouolucasC11664 LP26.8%38104
3LANCh1wyC11647 LP18.4%43190
4JP小太り中年大貫C11646 LP14.4%36213
5NADQA TFTC11612 LP23.1%46153
6TRJustin FoleyC11545 LP25.2%64190
7KR지보배C11542 LP26.9%43117
8TRGingggC11523 LP20.9%41155
9NANosterelevenC11487 LP18.1%52236
10NANoobOwlC11476 LP18.6%27118

The number 1 player in the world right now is 鳥取で一番強い男 and they’re playing from Japan. They have a great history so far. Their average rank is 2.9 and they have amazing synergy performance throughout. They’ve played 270 matches and they’ve won 57 of them, which is why they have a 21.1 win percentage and they’re in the top 15%. 

The number 2 player in the world is eusouolucas and they’re playing from Brazil. They also have a great history and their average rank is 2.4 with a solid synergy performance. They’ve played 142 matches and won 38 of them, which is why they have a 26.8 win percentage and they’re in the top 7%. 

Last but not least, player number 3 in the world is Ch1wy and they’re playing from Latin America. Their history is solid, with an average rank of 3.4 and consistent synergy performance. They’ve played 233 matches and won 43. They have an 18.5 win percentage and they’re in the top 23%. 

Who Are the Best TFT Players in North America?

As of today, the best FTF players in North America are as follows:

1DQA TFTC11612 LP23.1%46139
2NosterelevenC11487 LP18.1%52173
3NoobOwlC11476 LP18.6%27108
4PockyGomC11392 LP19.8%50157
5robinsongzC11314 LP16.2%29124
6SpencerTFTC11250 LP20.7%47153
7C9 k3sojuC11221 LP18.0%46157
8GrandVice8C11215 LP15.8%36145
9KalicoC11209 LP22.9%2776
10RamblinnnC11198 LP17.8%36130

The player number 1 in North America is DQA TFT and they’re also number 5 in the world. Their average rank is 3.1 and they’ve played 199 matches. They’ve won 46 matches, so they have a 23.1% win rate and they’re in the top 11%.

The number 2 player in North America is Nostereleven and they’re also number 9 in the world. They have an average rank of 3.1 in their placement history and they’re played a total of 288 matches. They’ve won 52 of those matches and they have an 18.1% win rate, which places them in the top 24%. 

Last but not least, we have NoobOwl, the number 3 player in North America and number 10 in the world. They have an average rank of 6.0 and they’ve played 145 matches. They’ve won 27 of those matches and they have an 18.6% win rate, which places them in the top 22%. 

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It’s clear that Teamfight Tactics is highly competitive and that it takes a lot of dedication to climbing the TFT leaderboard. It’s exciting to see these players reach the top and achieve great things in the game. After all, that’s what gaming is all about! It’s about challenging yourself and playing with like-minded people who enjoy doing this as much as we do. 

Now, it’s not easy to see who will be on the top next because this is such a fast-paced game, but we can see a lot of potential in the TFT leaderboard. Challenger players are giving it their all and we can’t wait to report what happens next for the TFT leaderboard in future updates. 

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