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Teamfight Tactics (TFT): Kayle Guide – The Comp that makes you win every TFT Match if Mastered

If you are into the league of legends but also a fan of putting your wit to the test, then team fight tactics might as well be the best game for you. TFT offers round-based strategy gameplay and a chance to make the most of your brain and luck. 

But with so many changes every patch, it is hard for anyone to keep up with the current best comps. So whether you are a veteran or a new player to this amazing game by riot, we have got you covered today.

We all know how hard the balance team of Riot works every day. ( wink )

And with the latest patch, not playing Divine Executioner Kayle to win games is a mistake you do not want to make. And keeping the recent changes in mind, we have come up with today’s TFT kayle guide to improve your gameplay.

 So, without any further ado, let us dive right in.

Base composition 

The baseline of this extremely OP composition at the later part of the game will be a mixture of the following three.

  1. Divines
  2. Executioners
  3. Adepts
  4. Mystics

But like any other TFT comp, you will need to memorize the core five units to increase your chance of grabbing them whenever possible. The units are,

  1. Kayle
  2. Irelia
  3. Kindred
  4. Yumi
  5. Shen

And for the rest of the two slots, you can go for lee sin and Jax for the 4 Divine stats. You can also opt for Nasus, as he is also a divine champion this season.

Keep in mind that having an executioner is even more broken. But the chances of getting them are slim. So in case you do not get 4 of them, run 2 executioners with xayah.

TFT Kayle Comp Leveling Strategy 

Leveling pattern is a very crucial part of any TFT game. Aimlessly leveling up and spending coins or not leveling up and stacking coins is a very big blunder.

To run this divine comp, it is advised to level up to level 4 quickly. And then level up to level 5 at stage 2-5. But only do it if you have at least 10 gold remaining after leveling. Otherwise, you can stay at level 4 for now.

Now at stage 3-2, you would want to level up to level 6.

If you have more than 30 gold on you, then you can level up to level 7 at stages 3-5. Otherwise, go on stage 4 then level up. 

At this point, you will have to see how strong you are in the game. If you are currently up on the ladder, you can level up to a very fast 8. Otherwise, wait for stage 5 and then roll for the rest of your comp with the gold.


The only core item for kayle is the Rapid fire cannon and the Rageblade. Getting any one of them will feel good to play with kayle. But in case you get both on kayle, you will be an unbeatable force on your comp.

With Rapid Fire Canon, you can place TFT kayle in a corner, and she will never move and destroy enemy teams from the backline. And for Rageblade, she will get boosted attack speed, as her base attack speed is already quite high, to begin with. So it scales the most with kayle in the game right now.

The TFT kayle comp relies more on getting the fast 8, slamming this early core item will help you survive and win the matches.

But it takes 3 bows to get both the rapid-fire cannon and the rage blade. So it can get hard to attain in some games. That means getting only one of these will be great for winning.

The other items that are also good with kayle for damage are morello, death cape, and gauntlet. And for the defensive items on TFT kayle, you can go for QSS, Guardian angel, or the gun blade.

If you get your hands on any of the aura items, make sure to put them on xayah or kindred and put them next to kayle for the optimum support.

And for the front line items, put them on shen and the irelia.

Early game

 As kayle revolves around the units that cost 3 or 4 gold each, you can play almost any opener in the early game and sell them later.

Some of the best openers are, running two assassins with a carry diana. Or you can also opt for two sharpshooters with temmo carry. And for both of this comp on the early game, you can choose any frontline you want.

The general rule of thumb on the early game is that you can only put an item on kayle if you have at least four or more components on your hand. 

Make sure to never opt for a lost streak on this comp, or you will never be able to stabilize after the early game ends. So try to save as much HP as possible and shoot for the fast 8 whenever possible.

The positioning of TFT kayle comp

This is what a typical kayle comp should look like.

You would want your kayle to stay safe from the AOE and put her in a corner with supporting and aura item holders like kindred.

If you see that there are not any assassins or AOE spells in the enemy comp, you can put kayle on the second row behind the frontline. This makes sure she does the most damage, as her passive waves reach more enemy champions every time. But this comes at a cost of vulnerability. 

Wrap up

That ends our today’s discussion on TFT kayle. Make sure to spam her in TFT matches and gain free LP in return. And now that you know all the ins and outs of the divine kayle, start gaming.