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TFT Sunfire Cape – All you need to know

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Keeping in line with our ongoing guide series called the Teamfight Tactics Item Breakdown, it’s now time for yet another episode. Today, we are going to be talking about the TFT item, the Sunfire Cape. We will be taking a detailed look at this item, giving TFT players all the information they need to maximize output from the TFT Sunfire Cape while also answering the community’s most asked questions. gif maker 3 1

If you haven’t checked out our previous episode, do give it a look as in it, we talked about the TFT Bloodthirster, its many uses in the game, and which champions are the perfect fit for the life-stealing weapon. Head on over to the TFT Bloodthirster breakdown here.

Now that that’s over with let’s move on to the TFT Sunfire Cape. But first, here’s a quick intro to the item.

TFT Sunfire Cape

A few patches ago, we had the TFT Red Buff, a defensive item that gave the wielder +25 armor, +200 health, and a passive that applied on-hit burn damage. This was a unique item which meant players couldn’t only equip one TFT Red Buff at a time. Hence, those wondering, does Red Buff stack in TFT? The answer was no. Furthermore, the answer to your other question, how to make Red Buff in TFT, is a Chain Vest and a Giant’s Belt. gif maker 4

With the release of Patch v10.19, TFT Red Buff was removed, and as a replacement, the TFT Sunfire Cape Was added to the game. The stats for the TFT Sunfire Cape were the same when compared to the TFT Red Buff, but the passive was changed quite a bit. Previously, the TFT Red Buff applied an on-hit 2.5% burn damage for 4 seconds. The TFT Sunfire Cape applies a 10-second burn to a random enemy, dealing 2.5% of their maximum health. Oh, and one more thing, with Patch V11.6, a TFT Sunfire Cape is no longer a unique item, which means it is not limited to only one champion at a time. The more the capes, the more units will be burnt every 2.5 seconds. For more information on the TFT Patch Notes, head on over to the official TFT website.

How To Make A TFT Sunfire Cape

Wondering how to make a Sunfire Cape in TFT? It’s easy. It’s the same requirements you need to make a Red Buff – a Chain Vest and a Giant’s Belt. It’s a pretty simple item to make, but the end results are quite insane, especially if you have more than one of them in the game. 

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Which Champion Is Good With The TFT Sunfire Cape

Previously, with the TFT Red Buff, since the passive was based on hitting the enemy, the item was good on heroes a number of heroes, even heavy-hitting ones. However, now that the passive has changed and is now completely random, it’s more for defensive heroes. Plus, it is advised to make the TFT Sunfire Cape as early as you can for it really to be good. 

The champions on which the TFT Sunfire Cape is good are Ornn, Sett, Jax, Rakan, Vi, Shen, Aatrox, Jarvan IV, and Nautilus. There are a few other champions as well, but these are just some of the ones on which the TFT Sunfire Cape is vital. 

Furthermore, you might be wondering, since the item is no longer a unique item, does the TFT Sunfire Cape stack? Well, it does and doesn’t at the same time. It doesn’t stack on a single champion, but you can now have more than one Sunfire Capes in your squads, each of which will burn a different enemy every 2.5 seconds. 

TFT Cheat Sheet For Patch v11.7

The current patch of TFT right now, Patch v11.7, has introduced quite a few things, including a couple of item changes that have offset the game’s current meta. So, to help you get better, Mobalytics TFT has compiled a cheat sheet for the patch, explaining the current item tier list. 

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For more information on the items and the Tier List, head on over to the official Mobalytics TFT page for added details. 

Final Words

From the cheat sheet above, you can clearly see that the current TFT Sunfire Cap is a Tier A item which means it’s pretty good in the recent patch. So, if you are someone who likes playing defensively with heavy tank units defending the front line, then the Sunfire Cape is a pretty decent item to make. Think of it as a TFT Red Buff but a bit better. 

That is all for now but stay tuned as we will be continuing on with our Teamfight Tactics Item Breakdown and will be coming back with another breakdown but with a new time very soon. Until then, comment below and let us know what you think of the TFT Sunfire Cape. Do you think this new item is worth it in TFT?

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