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Overview: The Best And Biggest TFT Subreddits

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Team fight tactics is one of the hottest games in the gaming community right now. And the TFT subreddit that is ongoing speaks of volume about its overwhelming popularity.

And if you are already familiar with the Reddit platform, then this is your chance to get some insights into the popular team fight tactics game from some of the TFT subreddits we have collected for you. 

So, without any further ADO let’s dive right in, and find out what the TFT subreddits have to offer.

Biggest TFT Subreddits

Let us look at some of the most popular TFT subreddit (Link of the posts are attached), and use them to help our own TFT experience.


This post by U/Liamera is one of the most common problems that many tft players face within their gameplay.

She posted that,

 “Is there a reason why combined items must glow a fiery red that makes it hard to quickly visually distinguish them from each other and the reforge dies? I often accidentally reforged items while trying to quickly transition my board in one turn, and often accidentally put the wrong item on units.


The post has been upvoted by fellow Reddit users, and for good reason also.

This visual bug of some sort, that makes it relatively difficult to distinguish some items. As a result, you get yourself an accidental reforged item. And in many cases, this can result in you losing the game.

The best solutions we found from the subreddit are,

  1. Turning on the colorblind mode.

The color-blind mode is included in all the games developed by Riot games. This results in the same level of experience for all players and keeps the game competitive for everyone.

But many times, we can utilize this functionality for ourselves also. The color-blind mode will change the color of the flare and makes it easily distinguishable. 

  1. Staying away from the whole item reforge

Another good point on the topic is to avoid reforging whole items. Getting your hands on what you need from a whole item is looking for a hail Mary. And more often than not, it does not happen. So, you should stick to reforging single components if needed.

  1. Turning down the saturation of your monitor

This is one most of the most simple and effective solutions for flare experience. All you need to do is just turn down your saturation from the computer monitor settings. And you should be good to go.


The subreddit r/summonerschool is the biggest subreddit that is dedicated to improving your overall gameplay. The subreddit is dedicated to both TFT and summoner’s rift. And it offers you great insight into the overall gameplay of the World of League.

This post by u/TextMeImBored is one of the truest facts that anyone has ever spoken. 

Not giving a shit is the quickest way to climb Elo

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Both the summoners Rift and TFT have ranked systems. The points or LP you gain from each match results in your Elo in the long run. But if you want to dedicate your time to climbing the Elo, then the first thing you have to do is stop caring about your LP gains. 

This may sound contradictory to everything you are trying to achieve.  but this mentality will help you out in the long run.
At the end of the day, we have to realize that this is a game.  and the main purpose of this game is to enjoy your time.

So, every time you give up on a game instead of try Harding for the win, play for the enjoyment.  That means to pick the champion you want to play, pick the composition that you love spamming.

And once you have stopped worrying about the game and having fun while playing it, you will start gaining LP easily.

Best TFT meme on the subreddit

League of meme 1


League of meme 2

League of meme 3

Biggest TFT subreddit mentor thread by FestiveOx_

If you are new to TFT and looking for a guide on absolutely anything regarding the game, then this TFT thread is for you.

Some of the best guides and solutions we found on the thread are discussed below. You can also check out the link and ask your questions to get answers from veteran TFT players.

So, without any further delay, let us check them out.

  1. How to check the gold earned by other players and the bonus from their active class?

On the right-hand side of the dashboard, there will be a list of all the players playing in your game. You can hover and check their running synergies on the left side. If any synergy is gray in color, that means they currently do not have that in play.

  1. Is it possible to check the combined item’s effect?

The simple answer to this question is yes, you can. If you pick one single component and hover it over any other component, it will show what combined item will be built. It will also show you the effect of the item on the screen.

But if you simply click on a single component, it will show all the possibilities it has. But the best way to learn about the combined item’s effect is by playing more. Because some of the stats written on the screen do not provide you enough idea about the overall power of it in the game until you play it yourself.

Some other solutions

Overlapping damage

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Early spatula

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That ends our today’s discussion on the Overview of the biggest TFT Subreddit. Check out the links further and join the community of TFT.

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