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How To Get And Upgrade The TFT Little Legends

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When you start playing teamfight tactics, you will first control the River Sprite, a Blue Avatar. Eventually, into the game, you will begin to spot the other players controlling other TFT Little Legends, which are some adorable avatars. These Little Legends do not alter the gameplay, but you would want to control them. The Little Legends are cosmetic items in the team fight tactics. 

Below we have stated all that you would like to know about these Little Legends, how to obtain them, and how to upgrade them during the game.

TFT has gained a lot of popularity in recent years as the Riot Game, the game developer organization, announced Little Legends as a reward to its players. Riot also declared that the players could get these victorious Little Legends through two different ways, making it fun and competitive to earn rewards. 

Many players today are trying to unscramble the secret to get the victorious Little Legends in TFT. If you wish to know everything about these Little Legends, then we have you covered.

What are the Little Legends?

The TFT Little Legends are cute critters that represent you during the team fight tactics game. You have full control over them and can also emote with them. In the team fight tactics, carousels round these Little Legends pick up the championship for you. However, they also tank the damage in those rounds when you lose against your opponent.

How to get the Little Legends

These Little Legends come in three rare tiers. At each level you would notice that they upgrade their appearance where they look fancy with more sprites and props. However, once the Little Legends reach the third tier, it is impossible to receive another copy through any random egg. 

If you wish to get these little legends, know that there are two ways in which you can earn the Little Legends in any team fight tactics.

TFT Beta Pass

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The Beta pass rewards you points when you complete any specific challenge. When you earn enough points, you can unlock the tiers that reward you with some cosmetic item. There is the Orb of Enlightenment that rewards you 80 points in 24 hours. Once you have sufficient points, you can then claim the starter egg.

Spend Riot Points

If you wish to unlock every Little Legend and upgrade your existing collection, you can only do so only by spending the Riot points. You can find the Little Legend eggs in the Lootsection in the Riot store. The eggs and the Little Legend bundles can be purchased with these Riot points. Riot points, however, are not cheap.

Which are the Little Legends?

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Let us now introduce you to the Little Legends in the team fight tactics. There are 172 Little Legends available in the team fight tactics. Let us list some of them that are popular among the players. These Little Legends are famous because of their rarity, overall appearance, and spammable emotes. Let us explore them one by one and get to know more about these tactics.

Bass Queen QiQi

This legend is based on the appearance of Qiyana’s in the music group True Damage in the League of Legends. The emoties of the QiQi features epic dance and music. This variant of QiQi is legendary and can be possessed only from the True Damage eggs. It has bright accents that are intricate with jet black fur. All of these are topped with some sassy-looking shades.

Kanmei Hushtail

The Kanmei Hushtail is from the Spirit Bossom theme taken from the original Hushtail. The Little Legend sits on the cherry blossoms forest and prances around in a blue and pink accent. It is not obtained from eggs but through shops. When it gets upgraded, this Little Legend gets trailed by the cherry blossom petals and the dazzled sparkles. The Little Legend matches the Kanmei themed arena skin.

Sugarcone Furyhorn

This is the Sugarcone variant of the Little Legend. It features an ice cream cone as an accent with ice cream-themed patterns. The Sugarcone is a rare Furyhorn and also one of the cutest on the list.

Sugarcone Lightcharger

The Sugarcone light charger is the same as the Furyhorn, which has a unicorn horn in the shape of an ice-cream. When you upgrade this Little Legend, the horn starts to get large, and its final variant will feature massive sugarcane that gets completed with the chocolate ice cream. It also has sprinkles on top of it.

Blood Moon Bellswayer

This Little Legend looks cute with three creatures that resemble Bard’s meep that follows it. It lets you prance around the opponents when you snatch items from their carousel. The moves are highly spammable, and these spawns a meep in one of the three random locations at every time.


Neexie gets its inspiration from the League champion that comes with similar whimsical energy, which is the secret to the curious chameleon being so charming. It has multi-colored hair and large button eyes. The rare legend can be upgraded to give it an effect of a flower particle. This is one of the Little Legends designed based on the league championship, which can be obtained from the eggs of the immortal creature.

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