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How to become a professional player of FIFA 20

 FIFA is dominating the esports for a very long time. For almost three decades, the publishers have been launching various versions of the game. The current version is known as FIFA 20. In this article, we will discuss how an average player can become a professional player of FIFA 20.

Focus on Defensive play

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In FIFA 20, there are two different gameplay methods; Offensive and Defensive. 70% of players only focus on offensive play. It is the main reason they are not able to grow ultimately. Offensive play is necessary, but not always, it opens up many loop wholes that can give a massive advantage to the opponent. Therefore, keep your focus on defensive play as well.

Utilize new passing techniques

In FIFA 20, there are tons of passing moves available. Make your play unpredictable hence your opponent would not be able to stop you. If you keep using the same gameplay pattern all over the match, then it will get easy for your opponent to predict what you will do next. Put some diversity in your skills; start from your passing techniques. Do not repeat the same passing technique again and again.  

Learn from your opponent

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Always try to compete with those who have a higher rank than you. In this way, you would be able to learn better. It would get more comfortable for you to explore new strategies and gameplay techniques.

Join Tournaments 

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Get on top of the leaderboard of FIFA 20. It will give a boost to your skills and increase the chances of becoming a professional player. Meanwhile, focus on all the local and regional FIFA tournaments. You might not get the expected results in the first try. Despite this, you will be able to figure out your flaws.