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Darkin Item TFT: The Items and Comp you must abuse to win every Game

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A Brief Overview of TFT

Gaming, in general, has changed a lot in recent years. With plenty of new games to choose from, with a different genre, different playstyle, and various integrating graphics, opting for the go-to game is quite difficult. And that is the reason why the gaming community has been so divided.

But if there is any genre that can keep everyone together, then it would be the MOBA games. Multiplayer online battle arena games are one of the most popular games among both beginners and professional players. And if there is any game that first comes to mind of a veteran player when they hear MOBA, then it would be the one and only League of Legends.

The league of legends is a full team-oriented strategy game that offers a collaboration of teamwork to come out victorious. But with a high demand of the vintage one one one game playstyle, strategy, and a little bit of MOBA, Riot games has finally come up with TFT.

Even though the game is of a completely different genre, it is a very realistic and strategy-based extension of League of legends. The game offers the same character, same items as the league. And that is why we are looking at Darkin Item today. It is also not a separate downloadable game but played as a game mode. That means if you are logged in to the league client, you can play TFT also.  Zero Hassle and double the fun.

But just like any Moba games, there are patch changes in TFT also. And for every path or season, there are some busted comps and items that you must abuse if you want to climb high on the rank ladder.

Keeping that in mind, today we have come up with details of all you need to know about Darkin Item tft. So without any further ado, let us dive right in to check them out.

Darkin Item TFT

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Darkin lore 

Darkin is a  God-Warrior. The essence of darkin can be seen from the corruption due to the horrors of the Void War. They are also responsible for inflicting themselves with blood magic. And unlike the league of legends, all darkins are in the form of an item or weapon in TFT. So they can never go back to their true form.

In the main league, Darkin was supposed to be a class of champions who are afflicted with this magic. The champions are, Varus, Kayn, And the Aatrox. And using one of the abilities of aatrox, darkin is created. 

Spatula explained for Darkin item tft

Darkin item tft is one of the special items that can be created with a spatula. So before diving into the item, we need to understand what a spatula actually is.

Even though a spatula might sound like an everyday household item, the case is not the same for TFT. If you treat the spatula in tft like a regular spatula, the only thing you will be showing others is your lack of knowledge. So, get ready to learn how the simplest household items earn a big name in the game.

First of all, you have to understand that the spatula is golden. So you have to treat it with care and be careful about who you should use it on. NO, we are not joking. You actually have to be very mindful before using this precious item if you want to win the match.

The items in TFT drop very randomly. And all of the items provide some kind of state with the item. Whether it is bonus damage or crit chance or attack speed or movement speed or mana or health or…
We can go on forever.

But the core item that is needed to make Darkin item tft, the spatula does not give any stat at all. So the massive golden weapon that is considered to be one of the most precious items in the TFT world, does absolutely nothing on its own.

Then what is spatula all about?

It is about the proper combination of this golden weapon to another item to create such an amazing item that can turn the tide of the game in a moment. It can grant you an extra unit, or grant you an unbelievable bonus or change the class of a champion. So we hope now you get how important the item actually is in the game.

When your back is against the wall, and you are on a losing streak that is totally unintentional, a spatula item can make or break the game.

Let us look at some of the items You can make from the spatula other than Darkin item tft.

1. Youmuu’s Ghostblade- Builds with B.F Sword ( The unit turns into an assassin )

2. Blade of the Ruined King- Builds with Recurve Bow ( The unit turns into a blade master)

3. Yummi- Builds with the needlessly large rod ( The unit turns into a sorcerer)

4. Knight’s vow- Builds with chain vest ( The unit is a knight)

5. Runnan’s Hurricane – Builds with Negatron cloak (Attacks 2 extra targets on the attack. Extra attacks deal 50 percent damage)

6.Frozen mallet- Builds with Giants belt ( the unit turns into a glacial)

7. Force of nature- Builds with another spatula (“ Wearer does not count against the unit cap”)

The power of the items is extreme. And they can easily swing the whole game in your favor. But the thing that you should be mindful of is, they are very risky to craft.

For example, now you are stuck with blade master comp. But you are getting no draven in your team. That means it will be a total loss of a game.

So if you want to use spatula items like Darkin item TFT or any other for that matter, note that it is a high-risk high gain.

But if you ever get your hands on two spatulae at a time and opt for a force of nature, it can never go wrong. You can have too much of everything in life, but extra units are not one of them.

Demon comp with Darkin item TFT

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We all know that the best way to play a game of TFT is to just let the game flow. And you simply adjust to what you are given with a clear but flexible idea on your mind. 

But sometimes you might want to play a certain comp even before the match begins. Even though it might not always work out the way you plan it to work, it is much more fun. And if you are one of those players with these kinds of playstyle then trying out the demon comp with darkin item tft is the way to go.

It is fun, rewarding and a clear kick to the gut of your opponent. 

Darkin Item TFT demon comp with rangers

If you are looking to create a comp that revolves around you getting a spatula and mixing it with the tear to make a demon class, then rangers are the way to go. Because with the recent patch, Demons have been completely reworked.

The demons now have a basic attack that can burn 20 mana from their target and give them back to the attacker on a quantity of 15/30/45. You have a 40% chance of getting that on every basic attack.

Even though sucking out the mana from your opponent sounds like a very good stat to have, the later stat knocks it out of the park. Getting more mana from your opponent? That is just crazy.

Having more mana on your champions means you can output more damage to your opponent. And with rangers, that is a total nightmare for the opponent. And with Demons at your arsenal, Nightmare should be the thing that your opponent feels every game.

Composition of team comp

Your basic comp can vary, even after using the Darkin item on TFT. But a general comp that works best with this item should look something like this.

  1. Aatrox
  2. Ashe
  3. Kindred
  4. Mordekaiser
  5. Sejuani
  6. Varus
  7. Vayne.

The Buff 

The buff you can expect from this team comps is as follows.

With 4 Rangers on your comp, you will get  Rangers that have a massive 65% chance to double their attack speed for three seconds Every three seconds. That means if it hits more than once or twice in a row, the buff will continue to work for 9 Seconds. And double attack speed for rangers is something you do not want to mess with.

With 2 Knights on your comp, your whole team will ignore 15 damage. And the damage will be counted for all sources. That means regardless of the damage source, your whole team will be protected.

With 2 Demons on your comp, the Demon basic attacks will have a massive 40% chance to burn 20 mana from the ones they target. And at least 15 mana will be refunded to the attacker. That results in making your opponent weak while getting strong. Like killing two birds with one stone. This passive alone makes the darkin item tft so broken in the right situation. If your opponent plays a mana-hungry team, then they will be in a very bad spot due to them losing mana each second.

With 2 Glacials on your team, all of your Glacial units have a small 25% chance to stun their enemies. The stun will last for 2 seconds. So if you can stun their carries, it will change the tide of the game in those 2 seconds. 

Last but not least comes the phantom buffs. With only 2 Phantoms on your team, your champions can curse a random enemy at the start of the fight. This will make their health to only 100. And it works well both ways. It can either work on a frontline champion with massive hp, who will die in a second. Or it can also work on their carry, resulting in a team with no damage output at all.

Item recommendation for the demon comp with darkin item

One of your main damage dealers will be Ashe. 

The build Priority of ashe will be,

  1. Rapid Firecannon,
  2. Spear of Shojin
  3. Darkin

Recipes for the build:

Rapid Firecannon = 2 Recurve Bows 

Spear of Shojin = Tear of the Goddess and a BF Sword

Darkin = Tear of the Goddess and a spatula

 The build priority of Aatrox will be,

  1. Bloodthirster
  2. Phantom Dancer
  3. Hextech Gunblade

To make all of that, you will need 2 BF Swords, 1 Recurve Bow, 1 Chain Vest, 1 Needlessly Large Rod, and finally 1 Negatron Cloak.

Recipes for the build:

Bloodthirster = A BF Sword and a Negatron Cloak 

Phantom Dancer = A chain Vest and a Recurve Bow

 Hextech Gunblade =  A BF Sword and a Needlessly Large Rod 

The final item you must follow to use your Darkin item to its fullest is Sejuani.

The build priority of Sejuani will be,

  1. Frozen Heart
  2. Redemption
  3. Guardian Angel

To make all of that, you will need two chain vests, one Bf sword, 2 tears of the goddess, and a giants belt

So you can see, if you want to play the demon comp with the darkin item,  you not only need a spatula but also need many tears of the goddess. And truth be told, trying to grab that many tears of the goddess sometimes can create tears in the player’s eyes. 

As mentioned earlier, this is a very risky comp to play. But if you get your hands on all that you need to make darkin item TFT work, you will give all your opponents a run for their money.

Champion Priority to Utilize Darkin Item

To utilize the darkin item, and the demon comp with the ranger, you need to bet a close eye on the priority list. You may ask yourself how many champions should I run? 

All you need is a few demons to make this comp work. As you get one additional demon from the darkin item. And the high tear demons are not as good as many people think it is. 

It is not like they are bad. They are just not worth the investment.

Ranked by Priority

Your main synergy to run the item should be Demons. That means in the following order you will have to prioritize the demon champions this is the order in which you should prioritize the Demon champions. 

Of course, you will also have to look at other synergies to make the most out of what you get in the roll. But if you need the proper guideline to transition up, it is advised to follow this order to get the best result.


Purchasing a swain is a no-brainer. It has a cost of 5. But it is well worth an investment. Swain has very good synergy with demons shapeshifters and also imperils.

His ability was to drain the health of the enemy. This came very helpful if you were able to burn off their mana bar. That means they not only get their health reduced but also their mana. With high-cost, Swain was a good purchase to make for a late-game meta. You could build a very strong champion comp around him.


Another strong champion was aatrox. With his ability to hit all the champion enemy that is standing in front of him, he was a force to be reckoned with. And when he is coupled with demons, he can do a burst amount of damage in a very short time. He also has a 25% crit chance. That means if you get lucky you can make massive damage on your enemy in the blink of an eye.


Varus has only a cost of 2. So you can quickly rank him up to a tier 3/. Even though he does not have amazing abilities, getting him to rank up easily is a massive benefit. And as a ranger, when coupled with the demon, he can hit the enemy with double attack speed every few seconds.


The meta is not built around assassins, But if Evelyn gets the right items she can cause havoc on the squishy enemy champions like any healers. And nothing feels better than quickly killing the backline of support for the enemy carry champions.


Just like the game of League, in TFT Morgana has the ability to stun enemies. And as a sorcerer, she can do additional spell damage. That makes her a very good champion to have. But she works the best if you can stack the locket on her as soon as possible. Because she is not there for the damage but more for supportive purposes.


With a massive cost of 4, Brand is an absolute throw of your coins. Under no circumstances you should use a brand to make your comp. And we highly doubt he would do any better in the following seasons as well. His abilities are extremely slow with massive animations, making him the bottom feeders in this tier list.


Well, what can I say? If you want to lose, go buy elise. Simple as that. She does nothing good at all. Horrible abilities, damage so low, feels like she is healing the enemy. She is without a doubt the worst demon in the game.

Darkin Item Game Plan

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Darkin is one of the most fun items to play with throughout the entirety of TFT. The darkin item TFT holds the essence of a spirit that nothing else can resonate with.

But with great power comes great responsibility. And your responsibility to exploit the darkin item tft would be to play according to the perfect game plan.

So before ending today’s adventure on darkin, let us go through the game plan.

In the early game, you can get your hands on demons quite easily. The core demons on your comp will be Elise, Varus, Evelynn, Aatrox, and Morgana. Even though Elise is super bad in this game, she will be able to hold a spot for swain to come in the latter part of the game. In the 9.17 patch, running demons and using darkin on rangers is not much of a hassle at all.

And the same goes for the mid-game. Just make sure you are not trying to play on a losing streak. Darkin item on tft does not go that well with the losing streak. Try to make sure you win as much as you can and keep your Hp high.

And you also do not have to rush your levels for that matter. Just adjust your game and go one step at a time.

At the late game, you will have many synergies to play with. We have already discussed the best synergies to play with the darkin item. So make sure to follow that guideline and add on ashe as soon as possible for the maximum DPS.

Wrap up

So this ends today’s discussion on Darkin item TFT. It is a wonderful item to play with. Know that you can not attach the darkin item on any demons.

Now it is time to put your wit to the test and make the most out of this fun and vintage item that holds massive history. And do not forget to have fun.

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