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Best TFT Blademaster Comp And Guide For Victory

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TFT is a turn-based game, that involves various strategies, micro plays, comps, itemizations and so much more. You also have to know quite about each champion to figure out how to utilize them to their fullest potential. And if you are looking to get the most out of your TFT game, then TFT Blademaster is a great way to go.

The great thing about TFT Blademaster is that they do well in the early game, but do not fall off in the late game. So, with a TFT Blademaster comp, you can dominate throughout the whole game if you play properly.

You also get the ability to set up various classes with this comp to create your own unique setup. And today, we have come up with an exclusive guide on TFT Blademaster comp and TFT Blademaster item to help you get easy TFT wins on the battlefield.

So, without any further ado, let us dive right in and check it out.

TFT Blademaster bonus explained

One of the biggest reasons to play TFT Blademaster comp is due to its unique bonus. With blade master synergy, your basic attack will have a chance to trigger twice in the same amount of time. That means you will get two additional attacks instead of one.

The extra attack you get from this bonus deals damages equal to the usual basic attack and procs on-hit effects.

That means with a higher double attack chance, you will be able to shred through the enemy’s health bar and come out victorious in the games.

With 3 blademaster on your team, you will get a 30% chance to hit enemies two more times.
With 6 blademaster on your team, you will get a 60% chance to hit enemies two more times.

The early game of TFT blademaster comp

In the early game on this comp, a couple of things can vary, depending on the path you would like to go with. The most important thing you have to choose is to go for a xayah carry or a master Yi carry.

To make these decisions, you have to look at what you have on you.

Let us say you have two of the recurve bows with an additional negatron, then opting for the master Yi carry is the best route. But if you already have the last whisper and a crit glove, then xayah is your answer.

At the starting carousel, your goal will be to start with a recurve bow every time. If you want a perfect game with master Yi, you will need 3 or more recurve bow, depending on whether or not you want a Rage blade on him.

On the other hand, xayah needs the last whisper. That means a recurve bow will help you out on both paths. So, getting your hands on one in the early carousel will be your first priority.

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Xayah carry blademaster path

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With the xayah carry comp, the early game is fairly simple. Your main objective will be to pick up as much as xayah as you possibly can in addition to other blade masters like Jarvan IV. But you do not have to use gold for any kind of leveling up.

Hyper rolling must be avoided in that case. You would just want to slow roll for a three-star Jarvan or Xayah. Because if you play blade master, you would want to level up the team.

You would also like to get a rakan with xayah to get a celestial and protector synergy with this blademaster comp is a very good idea.

The early game of this comp will not be that hard. And it is also advised to int for the first three-round so that you can have an edge on the carousel.

Master Yi carry blademaster path


Unlike the xayah carry of the TFT blademaster comp, the master Yi path is relatively smooth.

If you do not get yi much on the first few rounds, you can stack zed and Yasuo and another blademaster in the early game. Kogmaw is a very good item to carry for your late game master Yi, which you can later sell. You can also use ziggs for the item carry, as he goes very well with yasuo as a rebel.

Do not make too many items carry comp, as you will still be needing to get your hands on blademasters on your bench.

On each of the carousels, your main priority will be to build, rapid-fire cannon, infinity edge, last whisper or hurricane for this tft blademaster build.

TFT blademaster build

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The itemization for each TFT blademaster comp is pretty different.

For the xayah version of things, the offense and defense will be around 40 defense, 50 offenses.

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The main idea will be to give xayah all the offense items while Jarvan gets all the defensive items. The dodge items will be situational, which can be put in any protector class on this tft comp.

The items on xayah are most likely to be IE, Last whisper with the addition of the death blade as a very good third item.

The other targets for items would be irellia and fiora. Fiora would be best used with defensive items like a locket of the Solari or redemption with her.

On the other hand, with master yi carry, you would like to give him rapid-fire cannon and RFC for the best TFT blademaster build. Other great items from master yi will be the gunisoos, rabadon death cap.

For good health, you can also opt for warmogs.

For the rest of the tft blademaster build, You should give a blade of the ruined kind to Zed, which works like magic. IF you could get the blade of the ruined king on zed, you can later stack a full attack damage item on him for great burst potential. And Guardians angel is also a great option for him.

Final thoughts

This ends today’s list on the Guide on TFT blademaster build and TFT blademaster comp. Now it is time for you to get down to business and start playing

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